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Welcome to Abronhill Primary School
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        Abronhill Primary School                                                
        Medlar Road                                                                             
        G67 3AJ                                                                                         
        Tel: ( 01236 ) 794870   Fax: ( 01236 ) 736923
        E-mail address: enquiries@abronhill-pri.n-lanark.sch.uk

At Abronhill Primary School, it is our aim to provide for each pupil the best possible education within the means at our disposal and to prepare them for the life they will lead at the end of their formal education.  We hope to foster in the child an eager enquiring attitude to school work by creating a friendly atmosphere, conducive to learning.

It is important that while the most formal aspects of education will be given due emphasis, at the same time, the child  will be helped to a heightened awareness of his own place in the community and be given the opportunity to develop as an individual through the learning situations we provide.

Great importance is attached to good manners, respect, self reliance and a responsible attitude.

Last Modified: Nov 15, 2011

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